Spring Cleaning? How About a Fall Clean-Out Instead!

Most of us are familiar with the term Spring Cleaning, but what about the rest of the year? Whether you missed cleaning during the spring time or simply like to have a clean and tidy home year-round, now is the time to change your mindset to include fall cleaning into your household maintenance schedule–you might be surprised about some of the overlooked things and areas that should be cleaned.

Not enough people efficiently clean out their property before the cooler months settle in. Improper cleaning of the homes, garage, shed and other spaces could cause problems during the winter months, and having to trudge through cold wind, rain and snow to deal with a mess will undoubtedly be a headache. To save yourself time and from irritation when the spring cleaning season rolls back around, consider clearing unnecessary clutter with trash bin rentals in Northumberland County. Continue reading on, then pencil in a fall clean-out session!

Garages and sheds

The garage and shed are two of the most commonly overlooked spaces of your home. Throughout the years, items are tossed in and stored without a second thought. Such items are basically become a part of the garage’s scenery only to be remembered when they are needed or become a big pile of junk.

Tidy up for winter by clearing space and rotating seasonal house maintenance supplies around, like snow blowers, snow shovels, salt and sand, gutter and roof repair equipment, to be more easily accessible.


The basement is a space where clutter collects. Do a fall clean-out on your basement to make room for items that will have to go into storage for winter, such as summer clothes, outdoor furniture and pool things.

Clean and organize more than once a year–because you don’t want the basement to be stacked to the ceiling with junk, and you want to be able to find spring and summer items again when the time comes.


The attic space is traditionally used for storing things you don’t need often including things like holiday decorations and winter clothes. Cleaning out the attic of old items from last year that you no longer have a use for will clear room for new things and free you from having to do this task during hot weather.

Fall is also a good time to look through those boxes of holiday decorations. Get rid of broken items or decor you have not displayed in years to make room for the new decorations you will likely purchase this upcoming holiday season.

Getting trash bin rentals in Northumberland County is a great way to ensure that garbage can be disposed of quickly and all at once. Having a trash bin at the ready requires minimal effort on your part–simply take the things that are trash and toss them into the bin. When you’re done with fall cleaning, give the green light to have the trash bin rental hauled off and the garbage disposed of by the rental company. Happy cleaning!

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