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A Message from Your Team at Load-N-Lift Disposal

Hi folks!

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves. We are Load-N-Lift Disposal. We are a locally owned, family run business–we are not a franchise, and we are not overseen by a large corporation that wants its share of everything you earn or buy.

At Load-N-Lift Disposal, we have no gimmicks like one fee for any size bin. One fee for any size bin means the company loses money on the bin rental, but makes it back on your dumping fee. Companies from out of town will do this when business is slow or they are trying to get a foothold in your area. This is gimmick pricing and usually they raise their prices back up after a few months when they get busy in their own area of operation.

Meanwhile, at Load-N-Lift Disposal, we have not had a price increase in eight years and have worked with landfills and transfer stations to negotiate lower dumping prices for our customers. Each of our bins is priced differently. We offer eight different bin sizes to accommodate any job you are doing. All of our bins are property friendly. The rear doors open and are 6.5” off the ground for easy loading.

Load-N-Lift Disposal gives all of our customers a full statement with a copy of the weigh scale receipt. This way, you can verify the weight and the cost of your dumping charge.

In addition, at Load-N-Lift Disposal, being a family owned and operated company, we go out of our way to make our customers happy. For example, we’ve picked up a disposal bag after a customer bought one, filled it up and later found out there was no pickup in their area. Load-N-Lift Disposal was able to pick up the bag with our truck and place it in our bin, saving our customer hours of work unloading and reloading. We’ve also helped customers load heavy couches into bins.

Load-N-Lift Disposal was the first service of its kind in this area with a multi-lift system, and with two generations of experience in the disposal industry, we are constantly coming up with new ideas to streamline and keep our prices at the same low rates. Our service is fast, friendly and safe!

Give Load-N-Lift Disposal a call today–you will be glad you did! Remember, being an educated customer with knowledge of how the disposal industry works will be your best asset in making your choice when booking a bin.

Thanks, and have a great year!

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