The art of spring cleaning

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With the thaw just around the corner, the team at Load N Lift thought it might be time to touch on some tips and tricks for your upcoming spring cleaning. From smart ideas to organise, to how to best get rid of your excess stuff, here is the art of spring cleaning.

Does it bring you joy?

Stemming from the ever popular Netflix series on decluttering, the team at Load N Lift wants to bring the mantra of ‘does is spark joy’ to every one of our clients. The idea is that you should pick up an item and ask yourself, does it spark joy? If it does not, you can part ways with it. Now naturally, it might be a little tough to find a throw pillow sparking joy, but the real purpose of the mantra is to spark your thinking on if you need that item.

Get the house involved, yes even the roomies

When it comes to spring cleaning the real key to success is to involve the entire household. This will ensure that every single room of the house is touched, and excess garbage can be removed without concern. No matter if you are living with roommates, or have a home filled with kids and partners who do not want to touch spring cleaning, make sure that they buy in! Heck, you can even buy a pizza at the end of the day and celebrate!

Utilise a Load N Lift bin

From green waste to providing you and your family with a huge garbage can, the team at Load N Lift loves assisting you with spring cleaning with one of our bins. The Load N Lift advantage is that we can drop off a bin, let you fill it, and pick it up, for one great price. Our bins make spring cleanups simple, and that is something we can all get behind.

Some final thoughts

Spring cleaning does not need to be a chore, and here at Load N Lift, we want to celebrate the annual tradition. It is a three-step process to master the art of spring cleaning. You will need to determine if an item sparks joy, get the whole house involved in the process and finally rent a Load N Lift bin to drag it all away. Call or click today, and see how a Load N Lift bin can help with your spring cleaning!

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