Four simple tips to help with your spring cleanup

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The days are getting longer, the birds are starting to chirp, and you have quickly realised that you did not do enough raking before the snow hit. Your backyard is a complete and utter mess, and you probably do not even know where to start. So naturally, the team at Load N Lift has decided to give a helping hand and showcase four simple tips that will help you with your spring cleaning!

  1. Deal with the leaves

Although we love the changing colours of the leaves during the fall, these pesky buggers can wreak havoc on your lawn during the spring thaw. There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to dealing with leaves in the Spring. You can either mulch them, or you can start raking. Whichever you choose, make sure to get on it quickly as sitting leaves can begin to impact sod growth rather quickly.

  1. Start thinking about your landscaping now

If you are looking to create a garden oasis in your backyard, you better be thinking ahead during your cleanup. Take care of those pesky branches that will be filled with leaves in a few short weeks, and trim back the hedge before the new growth starts. Whatever you can do to prep for the work during the planting months will go a long way to a healthy and great looking garden.

  1. Remove snow piles

With the spring thaw comes flooding, and larger snow piles can wreak havoc on your flower beds and sod if not removed. Take the time to remove snow packs from these sensitive areas, preferably out of the yard, but if all else fails, spread the snow out throughout your yard. This will help minimise damage, and prevent flooding which can whisk away topsoil from your beds!

  1. Hire a Load N Lift Bin

One of the benefits of hiring a Load N Lift bin is you get the ease of a large bin to haul green waste away, and it can be picked up with a simple phone call. Our bins are perfect for helping with excess leaves, clippings, and other green waste that city trucks do not like to pick up. It is a win-win, and the team at Load N Lift will haul it off to the dump with a single phone call!

When it comes to spring cleaning, the key is to take it in chunks. Make sure to deal with the leaves, prep the landscaping, remove the snow piles and of course, hire a bin from Load N Lift to haul it all away! Who said spring cleaning had to be difficult because the team at Load N Lift has made it easy!

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