Ways to Repurpose Old Garbage Bins

Continuing along with this blog entry as a continuation of the last one with the remaining 7 ways you can repurpose and old garbage bin. We’ll get right to them, but as always we’ll say that for disposal bin rentals in Colborne and Trenton you have the best service provider in this part of Ontario with Load n’ Lift. Our bins have yet to be repurposed but let’s go ahead and say those steel walls endure a lot more wear and tear that your standard garbage bin ever could.

Not something you’ll ever have at the end of your driveway for years and years though before needing to be put out to pasture, as the expression goes. You won’t be producing piles and piles of waste at any one time anyways, and if you did you’d be looking for a Trenton dumpster rental with job site delivery or something similar. So let’s continue right along here where we left off last entry. Old garbage bins that need to be replaced? Don’t necessarily get rid of them, as there are ways to repurpose old garbage bins.

1. Recycling Container

We touched on the idea of using bins for recycling purposed last entry when we talked about taking back empties and getting the deposit on them. But let’s expand on that to say that old garbage bins can be turned into recycling bins for any type of item that can be taken back. You would need to put some type of labelling on it to indicate it is now for recycling when you leave it out, but it is something to consider if you have an old garbage bin and need something for recycling.

2. Loose Material Transporter

This would require you to have a truck or van too, but if you do and you need something to load up on mulch, bark, or even some sand or gravel if someone has some for sale then you can use an old garbage bin to serve as the receptacle for transportation. You may be taking it to the municipal yard here following a dumpster rental in Trenton or Colborne or you may be taking it to an Eco station or a private residence where someone has whatever it is you need for whatever it is you’re doing.

3. Soil Blender

Mention number 3 here for people who have a garden in their backyard or on a rooftop. If you need a large container for mixing soil then an old garbage bin can do the job nicely. Plus the fact that many of them will be on wheels means they can roll around your yard just as easily as they used to roll up and down the driveway to the curb and back.

4. Impromptu Worktop

This is one here is a little bit of a reach maybe, but we’re talking about garbage bin repurposing of all sorts here and not about large waste disposal services for Trenton or Colborne. So suggesting that you might want to turn your old bin over and use the bottom as an impromptu worktop with a piece of particle board or something similar on it gets to go into the list.

This is something you can do if your old bins are empty from time to times, like for example if they’re used to blend soil ^ in the springtime but the rest of the summer they’re not in use the same way.

5. Mouse-Proof Bird Seed Container

Mice sometimes have a way of finding your bird seed or grass seed over the winter, and if that happens then your old garbage bin might be just what you need to keep them out. Store any such items with the lid sealed to keep these kinds of critters at bay.

That’s it for our list of ways you can repurpose old garbage bins, and if you take us up on any of these suggestions we’d like to see what you did if you’re inclined to share. But more importantly call Load n’ Lift first if you need Trenton and Colborne area dumpster rentals with same-day drop off service and then full-service waste disposal that is always done in full adherence to Provincial guidelines. We are also certified for Hazmat waste disposal in Ontario.

How many do you need, and where / how soon do you need them?

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